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A Prosthodontist-led Dental Office in North Andover

Posted on: May 16th, 2023 | Categories: Prosthodontics

If you’re looking for a dentist in North Andover, when it comes to choosing a dental office, it’s essential to consider the expertise and qualifications of the dentists leading the practice. While both general dentists and prosthodontists can provide excellent dental care over a wide range of dental services, a dental office led by a prosthodontist offers some advantages. Prosthodontists, like the one at North Andover Dental Partners, are dentists that receive additional years of training, specializing in resorting natural look and function of the mouth for people who are missing teeth.

Here are some of the benefits that come with those additional years of training and specialization:

  • Specialized Expertise – Prosthodontists undergo rigorous training beyond the initial four years of dental school. This training is focused on the restoration and replacement of missing teeth. This positions them well to handle complex cases involving missing teeth and intricate dental reconstructions. While most people just need dental cleanings and the occasional filling, patients that need complex work may want to look for a prosthodontist.
  • Comprehensive Dental Care – Due to the extensive training that prosthodontists have, they have the ability to provide patients with comprehensive dental care. One way you will notice that in our North Andover dental office is that your first appointment is for a comprehensive exam, with a dental cleaning potentially not even being rendered in that first visit. The goal of that first meeting with the dentist is for the dentist to understand a patient’s oral health in its totality. This deeper understanding means that the prosthodontist doesn’t just treat one thing in isolation but rather considering the impact overall dental health.
  • Advanced Prosthetic Solutions – As implied by the name, a prosthodontist’s specialty is first and foremost about the replacement of missing teeth with dental prosthetics like dentures. Patients who need comfortable fitting dentures or dental prosthetic supported by dental implants are often best served by going to a prosthodontist, since they specialize in replacing teeth in a way that restores dental function and aesthetics.
  • Complex Treatment Planning – Patients or dentists of patients that have especially complex dental needs often look for a prosthodontist since the additional years of training enable them to account for the many factors that come into play in complex cases. If a patient has a treatment plan that necessitates dental implants, crowns, bridges, orthodontics, and root canals, a prosthodontist is a great choice for orchestrating that.
  • Collaborative Approach – Collaboration is key in prosthodontics. With their skill in orchestrating complex dental cases, prosthodontists often work closely with other dental specialists, including oral surgeons, periodontists, and orthodontists, to provide multidisciplinary care. By coordinating with these experts, prosthodontists ensure that all aspects of a patient’s oral health are addressed comprehensively. This collaborative approach results in improved treatment outcomes and enhanced patient satisfaction.

If you know you have complex dental needs, or if you have a deep appreciation a comprehensive approach to dentistry, a prosthodontist-led dental office might be the solution for you. Please call our North Andover dental office or book an appointment online for your initial comprehensive consultation.

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