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Need a Second Dental Opinion in Lawrence? Meet Our Prosthodontists

Posted on: August 25th, 2023 | Categories: Prosthodontics

So you just got a treatment plan from your dentist in Lawrence or somewhere nearby and you are feeling some hesitation. The hesitation can stem from a variety of sources. It could be that you don’t trust that the treatment plan is appropriate or it seems expensive, or maybe you just don’t like the personality of the dentist. Whatever the reason is, it’s quite common for people to seek a second opinion. In our dental office in North Andover we often see patients from Lawrence or other nearby towns who are seeking a second opinion.

These patients are drawn to our dental office because of its stellar online reputation – the dentist’s Google rating is currently at 4.9. They are also drawn to the office because there are three prosthodontists working there, as well as an in-house periodontist and endodontist. This dental team is varied in their specialties, cultural backgrounds, and personalities; there is someone for everyone at North Andover Dental Partners. This diversity means that patients are sure to find a dentist that works for their needs.

The large concentration of prosthodontists at North Andover Dental Partners is important to note since it can have implications towards people looking for a second dental opinion. Here are some benefits to getting a second opinion from a prosthodontist:

  • The Importance of Prosthodontic Expertise and Specialization – Prosthodontists possess specialized training and additional years of education beyond general dentistry, making them experts in the field of dental prosthetics. Prosthodontists specialize in replacing missing teeth and restoring oral function. In order to achieve this, they have to attain in-depth knowledge of advanced procedures, materials, and technologies in order evaluate complex cases comprehensively. A second opinion is usually sought in a situation where the dental issue is multi-faceted and the treatment plan is complex. This is what prosthodontists train for and do on a daily basis.
  • Confirmation of Diagnosis and Treatment Plan – Even if you don’t choose to go forward with treatment with the prosthodontist, the prosthodontist will at least be able to provide confirmation that the treatment plan that your dentist came up with is a good plan. If the second opinion provides you with a similar treatment plan, you can walk out of the prosthodontist’s office confident with your course of action.
  • Exploring Alternative Treatment Options – If the prosthodontist provides you with an alternative treatment plan, you become more educated about your options. Be sure to advocate for your dental health and question the dentist offering the second opinion as to why they chose a different course of action than the original dentist. A dentist that sees you as a partner instead of only as a patient will take the time to make sure you are satisfied with the explanation for the treatment.
  • Getting More Pricing Context – By getting a second opinion you are also exposed to more price points for treatments. This way you can get a better idea if your original dentist might be charging more than the average.
  • Finding a One-Stop Shop – Because North Andover Dental Partners has so many specialists under one roof, odds are you will be able to get any treatment you need in one place. Other dentists may refer you to other specialists for part of the treatment. This can increase the odds for miscommunication and can be frustrating when the specialists you are referred to are not located near Lawrence.

With complex treatments that could cost thousands of dollars and take months and multiple visits to complete it’s worth getting a second opinion to find someone you can feel confident in. Our prosthodontists, located only minute from Lawrence, would be happy to see you for a consultation and provide you with the reassurance and confidence to get the dental treatment you need.

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