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Why People Are Transitioning From Traditional Dentures to Implant Supported Dentures

Posted on: September 22nd, 2023 | Categories: Dental Implants, Dentures

Before and after photos of implant supported denturesFor the longest time people who were missing an entire row of teeth had only one option for replacing them, removable dentures. With advancements in dental technology, however, implant supported dentures have become the new norm. Now we’re starting to see people who want to transition from their traditional dentures to implant-supported ones, sometimes even if their current set of dentures is well designed and fits comfortably.
Here are some reasons why patients come to us to transition to implant supported dentures:

  • A multi-specialty dental office – Once someone who lives in or near North Andover decides they want to switch to implant supported dentures, they need to find a good dentist to orchestrate the procedure. At North Andover Dental Partners we have prosthodontists and a periodontist. While many prosthodontists can place dental implants sometimes, a specialist such as a periodontist is needed for more complex cases. These two dental specialists combined can ensure that the entirety of the procedure is done in one dental office instead of having to be referred to different dental offices. This makes the process convenient for the patient and reduces the chance of miscommunication that may arise from getting a different dental office involved.
  • Improved stability and natural fit – Once patients receive the implant supported dentures one of the first things they will notice is how unnoticeable they are. Implant supported dentures are very small compared to traditional dentures and are firmly secured to the dental implants. This means they don’t feel bulky in the mouth and they don’t shift in the mouth.
  • Your teeth are right where you left them – The next thing patients will notice is that they no longer need to remove for soaking or other reasons. This means that there’s no longer a chance of the dentures getting lost or damaged. You’d be surprised how many time dentists have to deal with dentures that a pet mistook for a toy. Your teeth will always be right where you left them, inside your head where they belong.
  • No more sore spots and relining appointments – Sometimes even the best made dentures may feel uncomfortable in the mouth, especially as the morphology of the mouth changes over time. An ill fitting denture requires a visit to the dentist for relining or else risk sore spots in the mouth from the denture rubbing uncomfortably against it. It’s easy to take for granted since it’s not as easy to notice something when it’s not there, but people who’ve struggled a lot with ill fitting dentures will be sure to notice this.

If you live in or near North Andover and are looking for an alternative to traditional dentures, the denture and implant specialists at North Andover Dental Partners will be happy to see you. We welcome you too book a consultation to discuss the options available to make you more secure and confident in your smile.

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